Sunday, December 27, 2009

the hills are alive...

...with the sound of music.

tell me you love this movie.


i adore it!

i remember watching it as a little girl. 
being in awe of the colors and the beauty and the dresses and oh! the singing.

it came on t.v. tonight. 
just when my mama was putting halle in bed. 
so livvy and i started watching it. 
i wasn't sure if she'd last through the whole thing, but i knew i wanted to watch it.

so watch it i did.

and livvy sat with me the whole time. 
and she loved it. 

it was fun to see her as she watched it.
she giggled when the kids and maria fell out of the canoe, smiled whenever they sang, 
and covered her face when the captain kisses maria. 
which is, by the way, magical.

it was so wonderful to spend the time with livvy while she saw the sound of music for the first time.

...until eleven o'clock at night.
approximately three and a half hours past her regular bed time.

and she got tired silly. it was hilarious.

she is totally my niece.
she digs old musicals and gets ridiculous when she's over tired.
such a hoot!

so, after the movie was over, we had a tiny photo booth photo shoot.

here are the results.

crazy faces. because we're up so dang late.

ha. she actually really does like me!
she wanted to take a "fake sleeping" picture.
this kid is awesome.
and i adore her.

...shh. don't tell her mom i kept her up so late.

p.s. christopher plummer is like, so handsome.

what i wouldn't give to be maria...


also. please watch the trailer.

so long, farewell
auf weidersehen goodbye!


Laura O'Hearon said...

I WATCHED IT TOOOOOO.. LOVE IT! love love love love love it.

Ashley said...

Truly one of the greatest movies of all time. *sigh* I wish I owned it on DVD so that I could watch it right now... or owned a VCR.

Dixie said...

I love it too! Funny story about that gazebo: A few years back they had to put a lock on it, because an 80-year-old lady (who was taking the official Sound of Music Tour) broke her hip when she fell whilst jumping from bench to bench singing "I am Sixteen Going on Seventeen!" Hilarious! By the way, Carly and I are still planning on hosting the Musical Marathon evening at our house some day soon.

mjhenrie said...

precious post! What a bonding night.

ec said...

ha. i know all.

she loves you.