Friday, July 25, 2008


The way things have been going lately, you'd think that getting engaged was some sort of disease, because everyone I know is being infected.
Watch out.
It's highly contagious.

The latest couple to join the club?
My dear cousin Laura and her man Darren.

Meet Laura.


Gorgeous. So fun. Caring. Truly talented.
This girl can sing, write and play like there's no tomorrow.

We lived together for eight months last year, and shared a bedroom for three of them.

We had regular dance parties, wrestled every once and awhile, and celebrated Boy Band Week. (For real. It was the best week of my life.)

She did my hair and helped me with homework.
We stayed up way too late talking.
A lot.
We had fondue nights and really silly days. (Remember the lemon slices?)

And, of course, we played Dutch Blitz.
A lot of Dutch Blitz.

Meet Darren.


Longboarder. Handsome. Photographer. And one nice boy.

I met Darren back in February, while visiting my cousin.
He was friendly, and made me feel comfortable as I was surrounded by mostly strangers.

He talked to me about a job he was taking in the summer;
selling in Baltimore.
He offered me a spot to come.
I declined, telling him I had a job waiting for me at home.

Not a month later, Laura let me know she was thinking of doing the same thing, along with another of our cousins.
It took me awhile to figure things out, but as soon as I remembered that Darren was headed the same direction, I started scheming.

I started dropping Darrens name whenever I could, telling Laura little tid bits about him;
"Yeah, he totally long boards!"
"He's an amazing photographer. Want to see some of his photographs?"
"Darren's a super nice guy. Like, genuinely kind."

Before long, I stopped with the hints.
My comments started sounding more like this;
"Yeah, you should definitely date Darren."
"Marriage, perhaps?"
"You guys would have beautiful babies."

Laura & Darren met at the end of April, and caravan'd their way down to Baltimore.

It wasn't two weeks after they'd arrived when I received a call from Laura.
She told me she really liked Darren, but that nothing concrete had happened yet.
I told her to put Darren on the phone.
"Laaauren. Why didn't you tell me you have such a beautiful cousin?!"

The rest is history.
The first time they held hands, Laura was all kicks & giggles.
I've never heard her like that about a boy.

And it hasn't stopped.

Congratulations you two.
Love you so much!


Seriously though.
Beautiful kids, huh?

And just for old times sake.



ec said...


i'm so excited.

laura ... you two are smokin' hot.

miss ya!

nwilliams said...

nice shots.

Thats awesome that they're getting married.
I like the post.
Guess I've built a pretty good immunity to this disease you speak of..

The Whiddens said...

Yeah - so thrilled! Congrats you two :)

Darren &Laura said...

I LOOOOooooOOOved this, Lauren!

and I love YOU!!!!
like lots.
and lots.