Monday, September 8, 2008


How often do people, as a whole, really stop & listen?

Our world is so fully of distractions, some of them of little to no worth.

The most profound moments in my life have come because I've taken the time to pause & listen, even if it seems like there's nothing to listen to. 
Something beautiful always hits my ears.

The crackle of autumn leaves beneath my feet.
The voice of a mother speaking to her baby.
The soft hum of the furnace. 
The quiet laughter of a pleased friend.

So stop.


Take out your earphones.
Turn off your cell.

Listen to the things worth listening to;
Your family.
Your friends.
The people who love you.



nwilliams said...

famine to feast.
you leave me hanging for weeks, then - BAAM! You pull out something like that.
Now Ive just gotta wait another month for the next one. ha

ec said...

pleeeaasse don't make us wait another month.

and cccaaaaalllll mmmeeeeeeee!!!!

juliediane said...

i love your blog :)