Tuesday, December 2, 2008


defined as: The power or opportunity to choose.

November is a special time of year.
It's the time that, for Harvest Ball, all the girls in Edmonton get their choice of the crop.
It's not us, but the boys, that are awaiting and anticipating a dance invitation around every corner.

And it is fabulous.

My roomates and I all got on the ball, and asked boys quick before they got snatched up.
I asked my friend Jacob, who lives a few hours north of Edmonton.

We had a large group of kids, and had a ridiculous amount of fun.

Start the night off with ninja gear and a traffic-jammed car ride to West Ed.
(With Jade, self-proclaimed road-rage'r as our driver.)
Next up was a good five minute jog through the mall.
(Please note that there were four of us, dressed in black, dodging people in the halls.)
We got to the Lazer Tag place a little tardy, and reserved a booking for later in the evening.
(Jacob & I filled the time by heading to the Dollarama and finding appropriate head-gear for the game.)

WARNING: There is so much tough in this photo, it might be too much to handle.


Ha. Fabulous.

After a round of Lazer Tag and one of mini-golf (a RIDICULOUS round of mini-golf), we headed back through the mall to find our appropriate parkade.
We only got distracted once. But it was a good distraction.

We walked out with a box of Cinzeo cinnamon buns.
If you've never had them, the time is now.

We went home, and had taco's for dinner.
Ten people around a table with all the taco fixings is pretty interesting.
Soft shells were flying in all directions (honestly) and shout outs for various toppings never stopped.


After dinner we headed to the dance.
Jacob & I got a ride with Heather & Bo.
Bo's truck has those tiny fold-out back seats.
I've never been good with those, but I somehow managed.

In a dress.

Add to that that Bo's truck is a grouch (we call him Oscar), and you've got yourself the most entertaining car ride I've been in.

We threw the camera up on the dash to get a photo of the fab four...


...and no one told me it was a ridiculous face picture!
Which kind of makes it even funnier.

The dance was, for some odd reason, at a Stake Centre which is a good 35 minutes away from our house.
When we finally arrived and unfolded ourselves from the truck, we got to dance for about 25 minutes before it was over.

On the way home, we stopped at the greatest monument in Edmonton;
The country's biggest baseball bat, down on 118th Ave.

I wish I'd taken a better picture to show you just how big it is, but I think you can get a good idea from the handle.


And while Bo & Jacob pushed that baby around, Heather & I were afraid.
118th is a particularly dodgy area of town.
Can you tell?


Finish off the night with a hilarious movie and the boys getting into one pair of sweatpants, and you've got a SUCCESS!


Preference was rad, rad, rad.

P.S. I know, it's an excessive amount of photos.

Deal with it.


juliediane said...

haha oh lauren!!
it looks like it was SO MUCH FUN.
you look gorrrrgeous!

ec said...

i repeat: i want that dress. and your lovely face.

did you get my (brief) email?