Saturday, March 28, 2009


Don't you love accidental radness?
I sure do!


I went to a hockey game the other night, with a telephoto lens lent out by my old photography teacher.
This baby weighed at least twenty pounds.
As much as I struggled with it for the first few minutes, it felt so dang good in my hands. 
I was so legit...
...people stayed out of my way!!

Perhaps I'll post more in the future. I've gotta dig through at least four hundred.


Darren said...

that is rad!

when i saw the title i thought you were hurt...don't do that to me!

erin (on darren's laptop)

Theresa said...

Cool pic...don't you love pro lens'!! They make you look so ....PRO!! lol..

mjhenrie said...

fun, and wow, what a nice, interesting shot of the glass.
just a few more weeks of school hey?