Thursday, March 12, 2009


I actually cannot stop listening to this song.
It plays, on repeat, over & over & over again.
And when its not being heard, I'm singing it out loud.

"When I go, I think I'm gonna sew my name into all of your clothes
My girl, since you have always worn me well.
And there are too many animals on this ship, some of you think I will have to sink
But when it gets too much, you can only adjust.

Oh, I'm always thinking about you
And how you always wear me well.
You can't outgrow something sewn under your skin,
So I will always wear you well.

And Sunday evening always has this sense of something good about to end.
I know we hold out breaths for tomorrow, and I think I'm gonna write my name,
Into all the books you love so well, since you can read me good girl,
Yeah you can always read me well."

-Josh Pyke; "Sew My Name"

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