Saturday, May 9, 2009


three things that made my heart smile this week;

being back at planet, and being able to see the look of sheer joy on a toddlers face when i hand them a balloon from my till. they grab it and, according to the advice of their mothers, grip onto the string, two tiny hands clasped tight. 

walking home from work the other day, i saw a young boy carrying a vase full of daisies. oh, mothers day! (hi mommy!!) as afore mentioned, where would we all be without the mothers who remind to hold onto the balloon string?

the night at the symphony. we got dressed up and listened to beautiful music. it was incredible. each piece was about each of the different planets in our solar system. it made me want to learn about the planets again, like i did when i was in elementary school.

what made your heart smile this week?

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