Saturday, August 1, 2009



As I sit in my room, completing the very last of all my pieces, I can't help but let my mind wander,
wander over the next three or so weeks.

First off, later today, I head to Calgary to participate as a counsellor at EFY, again.
I couldn't be more excited! 
I'm looking forward to meeting my new kids and potentially seeing a few of my old ones!
I'm so excited to 
and sing 
and laugh
and play 
and teach 
and learn 
and grow!
And wear bright polos!
I'm excited to get up early and go to bed late, and wear myself out.
Say whatever you want, I love EFY!

After that, Brian will come meet me in Calgary, and we'll make the journey out to our native land.
We'll go to Saskatoon and see the new baby that's coming...
...right, Erin? (I'm so excited!!)
We'll go to Regina to see my mama!

Then it's out to Manitoba to meet up with Brian's family at their cabin.
It's so gorgeous out there, and I can't wait to swim and sunbathe.
Also, another new baby to meet!

And THEN, 
(I know, right?)
we drive back up to Northern Alberta for my family reunion.
And I'm not talking your regular-everyday type of family reunion.
The Mendenhalls do it right.
I have 37 first cousins, and a fabulous group of aunts and uncles.
I can't wait to see everyone!

Is that it?

There miiiight even be a trip out to BC to see my brother and his wife and the kids!

And then I'll come home and potentially sleep for 72 hours straight.

Happy summer holidays!


NW. said...

and THEN, a visit to southern alberta to hang out with a good friend of yours

Kristopher Orr said...


mjhenrie said...

yay! what a schedule! esp. the BC part (OF COURSE)!

72 hrs straight... yes, you might-- it would be well deserved!