Wednesday, November 11, 2009


she is home!!
rachael, my dear dear friend from our days of youth conferences and quadruple dates, is finally home from her mission! she served in nashville, tennessee, and spoke spanish while there. she flew in last wednesday, and it's so fun to have her home. 

here's some photos while we impatiently waited for her to come out...

tu illumins mi vida. you light up my life. (she does. she really does.)


...and i was so dang excited (as you can tell by the above photo) to see her that hardly any pictures were taken after 
she came out.
ha. i'm ridiculous.

don't fret, though. i'm so glad to have her home, and am so looking forward to future adventures that i'm quite certain
you'll hear lots about her in the days to come. she's the bomb.


. . . . . 

in  other, and equally exciting news, my breanna got married!
i've known breanna since i moved to edmonton more than two years ago. (has it really been that long already?)
she's been such an amazing friend, and last year our house adopted her as our sixth roommate.
we sure do love her, but we'll willing to hand her over to trevor. the moment we met him we knew she was long gone.


congratulations, you two! love you lots!


isn't she absolutely stunning? so gorgeous.


me, breanna's little brother tristan and jaylene!

even heather came up for the wedding! i sure do miss having this dear cousin-friend as my roommate.


it's been a lovely week, full of welcomes & celebrations. 
early mornings with a returned missionary
late nights making wedding favours.




ec said...

lovely indeed.

and nice new header!

Theresa said...

Hey I am pretty sure I am good friends with that girls photographer.... They are a cute couple! Small world!

amieandmichael said...

Very cute... Hopefully I see Rachael sometime soon!!