Tuesday, December 22, 2009


i am finally home.
my life over the last couple of days has been like a series of unfortunate events, dotted with particularly bright moments.

high. saturday was rad. amy & i had previously found bacon in the freezer, leftover from old roommates that are now long gone. we fried it up, made french toast, and had friends over for saturday morning breakfast where we discussed the song "i saw mommy kissing santa claus." i was ashamed to admit that i only recently realized that santa is daddy! duh. obviously. but when i did, i found i was actually enlightening two other individuals to the fact. 

high. rachael came into the city on saturday night, and we went to see a musical version of "a christmas carol", featuring my aunt and three cousins. it was hysterical, and featured a number of excellent surprises, such as; jacob marleys ghost on the electric guitar, dancers in turquoise spandex lip syncing to abba and an acrobatic double for scrooge. so fun.

low. the car ran out of gas. 

high. church on sunday was incredible. amy played a beautiful christmas medley. it was wonderful! we watched mr. krugers christmas in sunday school and shared out testimonies in relief society. i am thankful for the blessings of the gospel in my life.

low. when i got home, a tooth that previously had a root canal cracked. 

low. and then came the pain. and a lot of it.

high. after picking up my prescription for pain killers, amy & i wrapped ourselves up in blankets and watched some gilmore girls. 

high. i had the greatest night of sleep. a solid ten hours. delightful.

low. i went to the dentist on monday and he ripped my tooth out. really. he yanked on it. pulled it. wrenched it. (but on the way to the dentist amy & i sang glee songs! high!)

low. its gone.

high. its a molar. i don't look like a hill billy! and for that, i am truly grateful.

low. ow. owie owie ow.

high. my christmas present for my mama is all done, and she is going to love it. (photos will be featured at a later date. i am dang proud of my work.) 

high. finished packing, with time to spare.

low. got on the midnight bus. with like, a bajillion other people.

high. made friends with a man in line and agreed to be seat buddies. if i have to sit by someone, at least it could be someone nice. and friendly. and who is in possession of all limbs and eyeballs. (the first time i took the midnight bus home, i was a wee babe. just nineteen. in line for my bus i saw a man who strongly resembled a pirate. a scary one. peg leg. eye patch. parrot. ... just kidding about the parrot. the rest is true.) my seat buddy for last night was rad. he's almost done school to be a music teacher for elementary school kids and he's the youngest of seven kids. we had a lot in common and lots to talk about.

low. the couple in front of us insisted on being rude and reclining their seats, even though i asked them nicely not to. meanies.

low. the bus left edmonton an hour and a half late. yipee!!

low. my face still hurts.

high. i'm finally here, home for christmas. home with the people i love, waiting for more people i love to arrive.

high. my sister brought breakfast to the bus depot for me. 

high. i got to help my niece pick out a christmas present for her big sister.

high. i really really really like my family.

high. in two days, on christmas eve, we get to eat my mama's homemade perogies and sweet & sour meatballs and mushroom cream sauce. its like heaven...

i'm so thankful the highs outweigh the lows.
they always do.

i am thankful for my family and for christmas. i'm thankful for busses and for pillows. i'm thankful for roommates who take care of me and for pain killers. i'm thankful for baby hugs and funny little girls.

i hope everyone is enjoying this blessed season, and hopefully with their families. 
make sure they know you love them. its the most important gift you can give.

merry christmas!!


ec said...

i adore you.

Butchike Bunch said...

I'm so happy you got home safe and sound and I'm glad you had a safe and even interesting bus ride. Merry Christmas to all of yoyr family.
Love, Jenn
And your moms Christmas Eve recipes sound delicious!

amy said...

i really liked this post. have a great Christmas, and see you back in Etown!

mjhenrie said...

what a great entry. Thanks for sharing. Wish we were there!!!!!!!