Sunday, March 21, 2010

BANGS, baby!

this is my face.


this is my face; with BANGS.


real & serious bangs.

i like 'em. a lot.

they're not the greatest photos, but they're something.
welcome, bangs!

p.s. yup. these photos were taken in the kitchen, and yup, i am wearing an apron.


mjhenrie said...

ooh! I LOVE them! So cute. They work so well with your face!
All I could think of with that first pic was "man, she has great lips!!" If I only had half the volume you do.... :)

Laura.R said...

when erin told me that you were her bang inspiration, i wanted to see yours SO BAD!
i'm so glad you've posted these; you look HOT, lady!

if there's ever been a time i've wished for straight hair, this would be it. i would totally join the club, lol.

ec said...

um. it's up.

i love your bangs. and you.

amieandmichael said...

Very cute, I loveee them! You are just SO beautiful!

Nicole Yawney said...

Gorgeous Lauren - I am loving it!