Tuesday, March 30, 2010


...got any suggestions?
for the name of our girl band?
because, seriously, we're legit.
band photos first.
development of musical talent later.
(dibs on the tambourine.)

take a look-see.
we had so so much fun being vain & getting our photos taken.
ha. don't judge.

thanks, amy!!



yes, amy is actually in the air. awesome. so awesome.

greatest graffiti wall in our city. i've loved it since i moved here.

why yes, we did climb from this dumpster to the top of a building. thought we'd stop for a little photo op on our way down.
(gah. i so wish i was serious faced in that one. can you say cd cover?)

loved this spot. i want engagement photos here. and wedding. the color is RAD.


"pretzel of love."

and here's some more that we took on cathys camera...

i love me my britt.

yup. she's gettin' fresh.
our fearless photographer. we love you!


...because intensely frightening facial expression weren't allowed on the professional camera...


Butchike Bunch said...

Well my love the pictures are fabulous, and why would we judge? Anyone who sees them would only think what a bunch of gorgeous fun girls. And as for the band name how about Ferse.. it is the word verification and was the best I could do typing this while Joviah crawls around my feet.

hearblack. said...

i dont know any of your room mates, but they look awesome!
you guys must have a lot of fun

p.s. we're due for a skype sometime soon - do you even remember what they means?

amy said...

i STILL need to put these on my computer, but I love the ones you chose. My favorite is still those green doors in the back alley.

ec said...

nice work amy. i love them.

and to continue on with jennifer's idea: hutbuc. my word verification ... and hilarious.

ec said...

k ... new word verification and i think that it my rival ferse: grackyl.


i like it.

Brea & Trev said...

You are too cute!
I want you to know that some of the places you took pics are some of the places we took our wedding pics! Ha ha. Oh back alleys....so versatile! AS for a band name, it needs to be something retro, but still a little girly....I can't think of any at the moment, but I will keep on thinking.