Wednesday, May 12, 2010


so, a couple of weeks ago, my friend andrew texted me to tell me he'd just seen a bus stop with a picture of a girl that seriously had my face. he told me it was an ad for the grant macewan arts campus, which is weird, because thats where i attended.

fast forward a week and a half. bri and i are driving down 109th, and we pass this bus stop.


brians jaw literally dropped. how is it even possible that a cartoon version of me ended up on a bus stop? on a poster? in grant macewan?
we joked that it was a sketch that some boy in my class must have done while i watched the teacher. ha.
in actuality, its not me.

but the resemblance is uncanny.



even bri thinks so...


what do you think?


ec said...

wowza. totally looks like you.

and brian looks like a creep ... stroking it's face like that. ha!

love it.

mjhenrie said...

Ok, that has GOT to be you. How do you know it isn't? Hmmm... what do those smart lawyer brothers say - any chance of cash in some kind of settlement for GMCC using your beautiful face without sans permission?!

I love it too.

ec said...

darren says, and i quote, who else could that be? that's too close to a resemblance to be a coincidence.

he has spoken. ha.

James(and)AnneMarie said...

How is that NOT you?? I wish my face was randomly cartoon-ized. and ended up on a bus stop. and used for promotional purposes without my permission. ;)

Butchike Bunch said...

I have to say it's crazily close to being a picture of you.. but you are more beautiful than the drawing. We could also say that not only did Grant McEwan not ask your permission, but they didn't even do you justice by showing your full beauty. Also your lips are much fuller and your nose does not have the same tip ending.

Butchike Bunch said...

oh and you also have a much nicer shape to your eyebrows... hers look overly plucked!


Laura O'Hearon said...

are you kidding? obviously someone creeped you because that is identical to you. there is no way that it is not. crazy crazy!

Ashley said...

It has to be you! She's even got the same glasses! That's crazy.

Kristi Beth said...

Um, yeah. It's you. I think the story about the boy in your class drawing it is definitely fact. It's you.