Tuesday, June 1, 2010


spring has sprung!


brian & i were cleaning out his backyard a couple of weeks ago when we found an old pink toilet. we had the genius idea to take it to the front yard and plant flowers in it.
its hilarious!




we had so much fun doing it, and the flowers are growing so big and beautiful.
i still laugh every time i see it!


Ashley said...

There was somebody that did that in Salt Lake and Chris has picture of him sitting on it. Too funny. I love that the toilet is pink!

Laura O'Hearon said...

dude... why does brian have a pink toilet lying around his yard in the first place? hahah

mjhenrie said...

seriously. One Nov 1st (post Halloween), we woke up to a pink toilet on OUR front lawn. My parents didn't think an idea like yours was as great as I did. I think it eventually went to the dump! Good work - I love the flowers, and of course, you'll have to put up more photos as they grow!

liv said...

how did you plant the flowers on top of the toilet?

it looks pretty!

melange muse said...

love it.

Dixie said...

Love it!

Lisa C said...

My friend Nancy has a pink toilet "planter" too. (Um, she keeps hers in her back yard though - you guys have guts.)

Theresa said...

Ha ha.. Awesome!

Butchike Bunch said...

what a perfect entrance way for a house full of goofy guys!