Monday, June 28, 2010


fresh salsa, baby.
the most delicious dinner to have on a day you don't feel much like cooking.
or a hot day.
or for a snack.
or any day, really.

absolutely delicious.

one can of black beans
one can of corn kernals
two tomatoes
one or two avocados
one lemon, freshly squeezed
some salt
fresh cilantro

rinse, chop up, squeeze, sprinkle and mix those up.
eat on tortilla chips or on thinly sliced zucchini.



Melissa said...

We call that Mexican Chop Chop... and its delicious!

ec said...

that's my favourite, thanks to you.

come baaaaaccckkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dani said...

Dang it! Why didn't I see this post an hour ago when I was wondering what to have for lunch! mmm....salsa, so good!

mina said...

this sounds amazing! thanks for the recipe!