Tuesday, June 24, 2008

j. gonzalez

Ladies and gentleman, I'd really like you to meet a friend of mine.


Jose Gonzalez; one of my favourite artists.

A friend reminded me today just how incredible this man is (Hi Nate!), so I decided I wanted to share him.

I don't remember when, where, why or how I first heard his music, but I fell in love with it instantly.
The soft, intricate guitar coupled with his smooth, rich voice makes for amazing music.
He is incredibly talented, in both music and lyrics.

His album, In Our Nature, rarely leaves my CD player, and for good reason.

My favourite song on the album, Teardrop, begins with these words;

Love, love is a verb.
Love is a doing word.
Feathers on my breath.

It's a beautiful song, and I suggest you find it and listen to it and love it.

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