Sunday, June 29, 2008

rock it

Hey kids,

This weekend was killer.
For real.

My dear friend, Becky, is back in town.
It was her twentieth birthday, so we threw her a Rock Star bash on Friday.

We played Rock Band...
(Oh, Dale. I didn't even recognize him. So ridiculous.)

...had a super competitive game of Twister...
(I lost.)

And let out some rock.
(Nena and myself. This beautiful lady is having a baby in December! Congrats Mike & Nena!)

And one last picture.
Becky, the birthday girl, Karen and myself.
We've all known eachother for a good fourteen years.

Then I spent most of Saturday helping my brother re-shingle our roof.
And I worked at the temple in the afternoon.

I am tired, tanned and rocked out.



nwilliams said...

Regina isn't too bad.

You people know how to party.

nwilliams said...

Maybe I do need to plan a road trip east??!

lauren said...

Oh, do come for a visit Nate!
Or else I won't see you before you leave for Hawaii, and who knows when after that!

ec said...

oh dear.


i didn't even recognize him.

so. scary.

lauren said...
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lauren said...

Hey Erin?

You pretty much said exactley the same thing I did under the photo.

I think we might be related.