Friday, June 20, 2008

journals & witches

Tonight is a good, good night.

I started a new journal!
Fresh, bright pages, all ready to be mussed up with memories in the making.
Ooh, I love it.

I've been writing in my journal every day for over a year now,
if you want to get the real dirt, um, well, steal my journal!

As far as witches go, I'm spending my evening with some.

Anyone here read Roald Dahl?
If yes; excellent. Let's be friends.
If no; please, please, please start now. For your own sake. And the sake of your present/future children.
He's one of the most fabulous childrens authors of all time.

James and the Giant Peach.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Danny the Champion of the World.
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Esio Trot.
The BFG.
The Twits.
Georges Marvelous Medicine.
The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me.
The Enormous Crocodile.
The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar.
The Vicar of Nibbleswicke.

And, last but not least;
The Witches.

I saw this movie once when I was little, and it scared me like none other.
The witches in it, although they usually look like regular women, are ridiculously hideous underneath the masks and wigs they wear to conceal their identity.
At the end of the movie, the high witch reveals herself, and let me tell you, it is, really and truly, frightening.

I won't lie to you.
I'm a little nervous for that part.

(P.S. That list?
Yeah. Please go and pick up at least one of those from your library.


lauren said...

P.S. Oh, I LIED.

I'm half an hour in and I've already seen the wrath of the witch.

Really scary.

ec said...

proud to say i've ready every. single. one.

die hard, right here.

kisses x2

Laura said...

hey Lauren, I am Erin's friend and even if it is weird that I read your blog because I know her I wanted to tell you the witches freaked me out too.
I saw it at a sleepover and I was so scared of sleepovers since then.
That movie was actually on TV a couple days ago. I tuned in to see if it was as bad as I remembered and it totally was. Those witches are deadly!
So scary. Cute post btw.