Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"this is the best ____ ever!"

I tend to use that phrase a lot.
Over use it, maybe.

Insert whatever you want there.
Book, ice cream, baby, song, etc.
You name it; I've said it.

I guess that most of the time, I really mean to say that the something is just really super-duper extra fabulous.

"This is really super-duper extra fabulous ice cream!"

Yeah, it's just easier to say "the best."

And so, ladies and gents, today I'd like to say;
This has been the best day ever.

I woke up early and exercised.
Breakfast was toast with peanut butter and banana on it.
(If you haven't tried it, please do. It'll change your life.)
Work was grand. I mowed lawns and trimmed them and helped to plant new flowers. Everything is starting to look so beautiful.
It was so warm outside. Getting close to too warm, but nothing a cold glass of water couldn't handle. AND, sunny. I swear I got another three shades darker today.
I picked up my mom from work, and then walked home from where she has violin lessons.
I found out one of my dear friends received his mission call. (Congrats, Taylor!)
Dinner was tasty. Me and my niece and nephews had ice cream for dessert.
After din, my sister (in-law) and I ran quick out the door to toonie Tuesday. We saw "Bucket List", and it was fantastic. I highly recommend it.
Plus, it was nice to just be out with my friend/sister.
When I came home, I found out about ANOTHER mission call. (Congrats, David!)

So, there.

Today was the best day ever.


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smithsaga said...

So Funny Lauren. Seriously. I usually over use the word INSANE. Indeed it has come apparent to some to make fun of the over usage..yet still doesn't stop me. You go girl!