Monday, September 15, 2008


On Saturday evening, two of my roomates & I were lounging in our living room, awaiting the arrival of some friends. 
Plans were brewing in our minds. 
A sidewalk chalk mural on our huge cement pad.
A walk down Whyte Ave. to the best gelato available in the city.
And last, but not least, breaking in our new fireplace with s'mores.

The friends arrived and one of them, as he entered the living room, asked, "What's with that carnival down at Bonnie Doon?"

Our plans changed immediately. 
It took less that four and a half minutes for us to collect sweaters & jackets and arrange the ride.

The ride?
We all went in one vehicle, a small SUV, which two of us hiding in the back. 
Just the trip there felt like a carnival ride.

It was a regular mall parking lot carnival.
Smelly, full of sketchy carnies and screaming people.

We rode The Zipper, The Ferris Wheel, The Hurricane. 

We lost one boy immediately after The Zipper, and found him coming out of Safeway holding a bottle of pop and a package of Gravol.


Despite the fact that on the car ride home, more than half of us were feeling a little woozy, it was a fabulous night.

We finished it off with a glowing, warm fire, new age s'mores (ASK ME ABOUT THIS. It'll change your LIFE), and a good movie projected onto our living room wall.

Oh, and, the company is always pleasant.


Theresa said...

Okay you have me seriously age smores!?!? Oh and where is this gelato you speak of? Can it seriously compete with marble slab?

ec said...

i miss the gelato. i'm coming to visit.

oh..and an email is in the works.

The Shurtz Fam said...

LUCKY! I think you need to do a blog on just the new age smores. Fill me in!