Monday, September 22, 2008

eighties & love

In my mind, the best possible weekend would include a road trip, the wedding of two people I love & adore, getting my first school assignment done and getting dressed up for an 80's dance. 

Done & done.

On Thursday afternoon, I left the city with three other girls. 
We made our way south, all for a couple of weddings.
We hit a ridiculously gargantuan detour, which tacked two hours onto our trip.

This is how that made us feel.


Once I arrived, I got to see my mommy! And my sister! And my brother! And his wife! And four of my fabulous nieces. 

We went to the temple for the marriage of my cousin Laura to her love.


How cute is this girl?


It's just ridiculous.

And here they are. The happy, beautiful couple. 


I wish I had more, but I spent the rest of the day with Darren's camera in tow, getting some candids for him.

But here's my favourite that I could get my hands on.


It looks like the little girls are wow'd by Laura.
I know I was.
She was an absolute dream.

Upon the arrival home, I found an 80's dance waiting for me.

While getting ready, I'm sure that two of my roomates and I used more than our fair share of hairspray and blue eye shadow. 

It was everywhere.

Here's Heather & Jay.
I just LOVE this photo!


So 80's hot, huh?

Oh. Finish that weekend off with a feast fit for kings, a stroll in the ravine and an intense game of Jenga, and it's PERFECT.

...ravine photos to come.


nwilliams said...

those wedding shots are awesome! I like both the shots of the little girls, they're GOLD, lauren, GOLD! (in the words of jerry seinfeld)

... the eighties stuff kinda freaks me out, haha

nwilliams said...

How do you post bigger pictures like that?! It looks cool

ec said...

i knew it!

not going to see dan until sunday, eh? to prove me wrong...

i think you just proved me right.

i love all the pics. but not as much as i love you.

oh, and those little 'uns are pretty dang cute. whose are they?

The Shurtz Fam said...

What a fabulous photographer you are! And those pics of you are gorgeous I must say!