Tuesday, September 23, 2008

shout out

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman I know, 

my mother. 


I really wish I had a more recent photo, but my archive is back at home.
With her!

If you know her, you'll know that she is one fabulous woman.

She is the best homemaker I know.
I don't know anyone who can make cinnamon buns like she does.
I've been trying to perfect the art, but to no avail.
Hers are always better.

She finished her Masters while I was still in high school.
We graduated the same year.
Might I add that she did sew my grad dress, which was a masterpiece. 
(Did I mention that she finished her Masters at the same time?)

She is constantly learning.
She reads new books and tries new things.
Just this summer she pulled some tendons in her wrist.
While wake boarding.
Her interests are vast; family, friends, health, the gospel.
Each of these things are important to her, and she is passionate about them.

I really can't say enough good things about her. 

She is the greatest example to me of a woman who is truly beautiful.

Happy Birthday, mommy.
I love you!

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ec said...

thanks for one upping me. pfff.

kidding. i love this. it is allll true.