Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have, in fact, survived the holidays.
Which is impressive considering the minus thirty-nine degree weather and the excessive amounts of saturated fats.

But I'm alive, alive, alive.
And kickin'.

I'm back in the house, back with my roomates, back at school and back at work.

And back on the blog.

Just wanted to start off the New Year with some Christmas photos.
(The only ones I have, because I really didn't crack out the camera.)


Cousin Cam.

Prep for the group shot.

The final result.

P.S. Thanks to Amy for the photos!


amy said...

Lauren! I promise I'll email you those pictures one of these days...its on my to-do list!

ec said...

you're cute.

i'm sad. we need to talk but my phone isn't working, AGAIN! it involves a brown fur ball and a four year old with red spots and itchy eyes.

tears. seriously. a lot of them.

Aaron said...

Thanks for the congrats Lauren! And thanks also for introducing me to Josh Pyke via your previous post...never heard him before and really like him!