Thursday, January 29, 2009


Just wanted to apologize for my absence as of late. 
It's not for the lack of events that I've been failing as a blogger.
The contrary, actually.

I've been especially busy with the beginning of this new year.
I'm finally in my last semester of my diploma and, although I feel confident, I'm being worked hard.
I'm holding down a couple shifts a week at an Organic Supermarket, where I hear some of the most interesting teachers of cooking classes. (Reeeeeally. Ha.)
My church calling as the "ma" of a group of kids keeps me on my toes every Monday evening.
I live with four amazing and incredibly energetic girls. I've lost count of the nights we've stayed up way too late, talking and laughing with one another. 
And there's one boy in particular who takes up a decidedly significant amount of my time, which, trust me, I don't mind at all. 

So, because I can, here's a couple of photos.

Jade, Breanna & I, on a group date night.

Dave's 23rd Birthday celebration!


Ashley said...

Are you dating Dave? If you are, that's awesome! If your not, that's okay too. He's way cool. Tell him I say hi!
And good luck in you last semester!! That's exciting!

ec said...

haha. i love that picture of darby's uncle dave!

and you do look a lot like your roomie, jade ... though i think we still look more alike, right?

good to see you (briefly) tonight.

mjhenrie said...

I've been checking your blog, and was happy to see it updated! Keep it up.