Monday, July 20, 2009


Place him among the likes of men such as 
Groucho Marx, 
Charlie Chaplin, 
Freddie Mercury, 
George Harrison, 
Jimi Hendrix, 
Mahatma Gandhi 
and even Mario & Luigi;

my boy is a moustache man.

He did it as a joke last week, when both he and his best friend shaved full beards into ridiculous pieces of facial hair. Greg opted for the Handlebar, while Brian tried the classic moustache.

He left it on this weekend when he came to visit. 
I couldn't stop laughing, but I secretly like it. It's just so...Brian. If anyone can rock it, he can.

These photos are my favourite thing, ever. 



Anyone else think he looks like a news anchor from the seventies?


ec said...


totally 70's. those pictures rule. hold on to them ....

Theresa said...

My dad did that as a joke stayed for 10 years!! lol.... when he shaved it I laughed for an hour. lol