Monday, July 13, 2009

baby Renae

Remember these two?

Well, I was right about the beautiful babies thing.

Darren & Laura welcomed little Renae into the world, and I was able to meet her this weekend.
She is a beauty; absolute perfection under nine pounds.
She's got Darrens' eyes and her lips and nose belong to Laura.
So, so, so gorgeous.

We caught her in this adorable little thinking pose this weekend.



Isn't she a beauty?

I always love being around newborns.
So calm and peaceful and fresh.

Love that new baby smell.


Welcome, baby Renae!

P.S. Hey Erin?
I can't wait to meet your munchkin.

while I'm on the topic,
two of my three sister-in-laws are also expecting in the coming months!
So many babies!!


Theresa said...

adorable babies = adorable pics!!

Kristi said...

Aw. She is so cute. And I'm with you about the new baby smell - love it!

ec said...

dang, she is cute. and why wouldn't she be ... ? makes me want a little girl! again!

excited to meet her in person!