Wednesday, September 23, 2009

for my mama

this, is my mama.


(and baby jane!)

today is her birthday!
my mother is wonderful.
she is talented & kind & athletic & devoted.
most especially, she loves the gospel and her family,
and for that example,
i am most grateful.

every year i find i am thankful for something new & different given to me by my mama.
this time around, its all those hours she clocked as my "editor", 
helping me to perfect speeches and essays of every genre.
it is, very much so, from my mother that i first learned to write, and to love the art of it.

so, thanks mama.
you're the best & kindest editor i've ever had and (i'd bet my life on it) ever will have.


but seriously.
can you believe she was born in '55?
do the math.
it doesn't make sense.
i know.

love you, mama.


Laura O'Hearon said...

Happy Birthday Lauren's Mama! Woooo hoooo. Cute pictures of you both Laur!

ec said...

best. mom. ever.

Darren R. said...

I think you guys got a pretty rad mom. And she plans some pretty awesome reunions!!!