Saturday, September 19, 2009


here they are ladies & gents,
little pieces of my life,
tiny bits from the last few weeks or so.

1. as i returned from the incredible month of august, i was hired as a part-time circuit coach at curves, a workout facility for women. i've worked there before, so the job is low stress and quite fun. i enjoy the walk to and from work, and the women i interact with there. i'm also enjoying the benefits of the work-out. my sister would laugh to hear that i think my rear end is, in fact, defying the genes it was given, and is learning to fill out my jeans. hallelujah! 

2. i was contacted & interviewed by the editor of tanner young publishing. the office is small, the people are friendly and the publications are interesting. they're all magazine, so i'd never write a story about a break & enter or murder (those cop release stories almost killed me my first year of school. yuck.) and the deadlines are soft. sounds like the place for a lady like me. i'd be doing fact checking, editing, writing, photography and many different things. talk about a great opportunity to flex all the journalism-muscles i started developing in school and in my internship! the interview went well and, regardless of the outcome, you'll hear.

3. brians car decided to stop working for a few weeks, so for the last little while we've perfected an alternative (and environmentally friendly!) form of transportation. i sit cross legged on the front of his longboard, someone managing to take up little enough room that he is still able to ride it relatively comfortably. sometimes he even holds my shoulders like i'm a scooter. ha. a couple weeks ago, we rode to and from the wedding reception for some friends of mine in this manner. (don't worry; it was a casual-house-party-reception-thing so i wasn't wearing a dress.) while there, we played "pass the present" and brian won a box of microwaveable tupperware. so there we were, on the way home; ten o'clock at night, down a busy university student street, me, cross-legged with a box on my lap. when we hit that lip in the sidewalk and went flying, my nose met the sidewalk and my arms jammed into the box. brian leap-frogged, in a manner of speaking, over my head and bit the dust. we both layed there, varying expressions of pain escaping from our mouths. since brian is incredibly accident-prone, he deals with pain well. he came over to inspect my prospective wounds. as i watched his concerned face above mine, i burst into laughter. like, gut busting guffaws. i had all of a sudden realized, really & truly, how ridiculous we must have looked and wished that, somehow, someone could have caught our crash on camera. so funny. 

4. my lovely sister turned 26. (am i allowed to disclose your age on the interweb?) how is it even possible that i remember, so clearly, our days together as children, and now she has three little baby girls of her own. its incredible. it wasn't that long ago when we shared a room, and erin put up no less that thirty-two posters of the ever-so handsome jonathon taylor thomas. it wasn't that long ago when we layed on our bunk beds, talking into the night (mostly because i talk in my sleep and erin found it so humorous.) it wasn't that long ago when we took photos while jumping from the porch ledge to the trampoline, attempting to achieve the perfect photo where it would look like we were flying. (of course, there was no such thing as digital cameras back then, so we couldn't check each photo. did we ever get that developed?) it wasn't that long ago when i went with my mama to every basketball game to watch my sister play, and then, wanting to be just like her, started my own little basketball career. it wasn't that long ago that i watched my sister start going on dates, growing up, leaving the house, and then marrying her man. she is more than a sister to me; she is one of my dearest friends. shout out, to my beautiful, wonderful, kind and talented sister. 

5. last weekend, i got to head home to saskatoon for the blessing of erins youngest baby and my newest niece, sweet jane. it was a complete surprise and erin was thrilled. it was fun to spend the weekend with family and friends gathered to celebrate the birth of this beautiful and wonderful baby. i got to see laura & darren & baby renae, the cousins who are new to the great land of saskatchewan. 

life is good. 
i'm enjoying being busy.

for your listening pleasure,
the song i cannot stop listening to. 


Sterling and Julie said...

i just love you!

Darren R. said...

Thanks for the update! Thats a cool song too! Wish I could of joined in on the VV 50% off. When you coming back down to the 306 Thanksgiving?

ec said...

this made me cry ...

i love you.

and i'm so glad you were able to make it down to baby jane's blessing. best surprise. ever. and i love that i was worried sick about the whole thing leading up to it. made it even better;)

you better get that stinkin' job. who the heck else will they hire?