Wednesday, September 2, 2009

published, baby


I have exciting news.
Super exciting news.

The internship that I worked on for five intense weeks has, truly, been completed.
The paper that I wrote for that distributed to the people of Edmonton yesterday, September 1.
It's a feature issue, this one focusing on the "Sizzling Twenty Under Thirty."


It was a neat experience to look at it for the first time. 
The editors and designers did an amazing job of putting everything together in such a pleasing manner.
It really is so fabulous!

To view the stories and photos online, go here.
There's a light grey box on the right hand side of the page labeled "current sizzlers."
That's it!!

P.S. I was also featured in the magazine, with a little write up about my experience as the profiler.


Raddest glamour photo shoot of my life.

This last photo is one they didn't print...
...for obvious reasons.
I like to call it my "serious journalist face."


I promise I am not that scary when I interview!!


amieandmichael said...

That's amazing Lauren. What a good experience!! You look so good in the picture!! Congrats on being finished!

Kristi said...

Congratulations, Lauren! That's so awesome!

Lisa C said...

Well done Lauren!

melange muse said...

nice work champ!

ec said...

you are famous!

i've read a bunch of the articles and they are fabulous ... but what did i expect?

love you!

DarrenLaura.R said...

great articles.
great pic.
great job.
great you.
Just all great...
way to go, Lauren!!! Boo-ya!!!
So proud of you!