Saturday, September 5, 2009

EFY. round two.

I am so behind on the blogging of my summer adventures, but one of the best things I did this summer was be an EFY counsellor for the second year in a row.
I had such an amazing time last summer, that I knew I had to do it again. 

My co-counsellor was incredible. We had a great time planning and teaching and laughing together and with our kids.

My kids were wonderful. So many fabulously unique and distinct children of our Heavenly Father, with a vibrant love of the gospel and a testimony of the happiness it brings. 

The theme this year was "Be Thou An Example." I learned so much, as a counsellor, about being an example, but also about learning from the example of others. It astonishes me, and makes me so happy, when I think about some much I learned from my kids, from the other counsellors there and from the teachers who prayerfully taught the words of the gospel. 

All my kids.
Aren't they cute?
Our group was called "Not Puffed Up."
They created this INCREDIBLE cheer on Wednesday night for the competition, 
and we placed second in our age group. So awesome!

The girls on Pizza Night. We had a blast!


500 teenagers working on a service project. We got to color car playing mats for 
day cares and hospitals this year.
So fun!

My co-counsellor, Steve, having arm wrestles with the boys.
He schooled them, they adored him, and by day two, all called him "Guns."

Probably the greatest photo of our entire group all together.
This was right before the kids placed second in the cheer off!!

Everybody loves banquet night!
Here's a few photos...



Steve & I...

And how we actually felt on Friday night...

I also enjoyed seeing a few of my kids from last year! Oh, my dears. These kids are SO dear to me.
Ashley, MacKenzie, Chris (my co), me and Travis!

Me & Heather, my dear cousin-friend, were counsellors the same week!

Matt has the greatest eyebrows!
(Also, don't you LOVE the fluorescent counsellors shirts this year? SO RAD.)

My dearest friends;
Jaylyn, me, Tiffany, Heather & Cathy.

Me & Max!

Me & Cathy!

Love these girls.
We were all counsellors together last year, and I think they're amazing!

I had such an incredible week at EFY!
Again, severe lack of sleep and sick cafeteria food,
but I love EFY.


mjhenrie said...

Love the pics, thanks. Do you know Matt's sister Laura married my brother Nathan?

ec said...

more updates!

and did you know that matt's sister karen cut my hair today?

small world;)

NW. said...

your blog misses you.

either share more here or free up some more time for skype updates!