Friday, October 30, 2009

craft day!

my sister-in-law and i had a craft day!
we bought these hideous frames for dirt cheap.


the pink ones are magnet boards! the frames were so banged up, 
but they were the perfect size, and we loved the idea of a magnet photo frame!


four hours,  
twenty mod-podge plastered fingers, 
seven albums on my iTunes, 
one severe mistake 
and one batch of sweet potato fries,
our creations were finally finished.

and they look so dang cute!

here are dani's! for the babys' room!



and here are mine! i love them, and they look incredible with photos in them!



happy creating!


ec said...

i wish i were there.

come craft here with me and the girls. we're really fun. promise!

Darren R. said...

uh oh... i know Lauras next project now....

Butchike Bunch said...

Way too cute, I love them, I've been wanting to do something similar for a bulletin board but a magnet board is very smart! Hey have fun with your halloween dance tonight, I look forward to seeing that finsihed project!

Melissa said...

Those are so cute! Love the idea of magnet frames!

amy said...

I LOVE them! So adorable. I may be calling you to get instructions in the near future...