Thursday, October 29, 2009


when you were little, did you ever pretend that there were strings attached to your lips?
and then you'd pull those imaginary strings, distorting your lips into grotesque and hilarious shapes and sizes?
please tell me you did it, and i'm not just crazy. (erin?)
today while i sat on the bus headed downtown, i laughed quietly to myself at the boy who sat at the very front, pulling and stretching his lips with the imaginary strings. it made me giggle, think of silly childhood things and smile as i got off the bus and walked in the bitter autumn wind. 

then i got home and had a mug of white hot chocolate.
so yummy.

what made you laugh or smile today?


Darren R. said...

i have never heard of that with the lips and the sting. i guess i missed out a little on my childhood if you saw others doing it as well.

cool picture!!

NW. said...

honestly, this made me laugh today.
the little kid with the sweater and collared shirt was what did it.

melange muse said...

mmmm white hot chocolate is delicious!

ec said...

um. do i even need to answer that question?

and i had my first steamer of the season the other night. delish. come visit me and i'll make you some and then we'll chat about dumb things and dumb people with our feet tucked somewhere cozy and warm.

these ( lullaby's are making me happy right now.

oh, and darren belting it in the basement. so cute.