Wednesday, October 21, 2009


after practicing bikram (hot) yoga for just over a week, i am proud to announce that early this morning, i finally mastered all of the poses for the specified period of time.

including, this one. (i don't know the name. something i can't pronounce. ha.)


it felt good; pushing my body & mind past the limits i've placed upon them.
the room is kept at about 40 degrees celsius, a temperature i'm used to lounging on the beach in.
i now have a whole new definition for the word "hot."

did you do something new today?
what did you accomplish that made you feel glad or proud?

p.s. if you've never tried hot yoga, you gotta.
try and find a local studio. it should have some sort of one week trial period.
do it.


DarrenLaura.R said...

I loved the bejeebers out of my baby.
...Mission, accomplished.
I should really try hot yoga...maybe I'll like yoga better then. Maybe it will make me more flexible.


amy said...

I LOVE Bikram! It makes me feel somewhat flexible when I can do the poses, although once I'm not in that hot room I realize I'm really not that flexible...haha. We should go sometime!

NW. said...

i've got an interview with a med school next week!
a big accomplishment for me

keep up the yoga lauren

ec said...

i miss hot yoga. i would love to go consistently. dang kids.


jane took her maiden voyage in the chariot while i ran last night. well, it wasn't her first time in the chariot, just the first time coming for a run with me. and she whined. and then slept.

i ran. and then slept. i have got a lot of work to do ... it's just not like it used to by. someday.

ec said...

p.s. that picture is wicked. yup. i just said wicked.

we need to ichat.