Tuesday, October 20, 2009


"nothing in the past or future ever will feel like today."

every day is new.
each sunrise is fresh.
every day is a different opportunity.

i am thankful for each new day, unknown at dawn.
what will i do today?
who will i be?
what can i accomplish?
who can i love or help?
what can i create?

i'm not disregarding the importance of learning from the past, or the hopes we may have for our future. i understand that each is vital to a full and vibrant life.

but i am thankful for today.

i am thankful for each new day.

1 comment:

Butchike Bunch said...

Lauren I loved your poem, you are a brilliant writer. Speaking of what I will create today... I have had such fun with the alligator clip accessories... I have made quite a few and those material flowers were perfect. Thanks for your help. xoxo