Thursday, January 14, 2010

goings on

january has been busy, and will continue to be.

new year! brand new roommate! there's five of us now, so i share the loft again. i forgot how much i love that delightful little room. its roomy, its got a walk-in closet and brittany and i get the best view of the city. welcome, brittany! its a pleasure to have you in our house!

new age! i turned 22! it feels funny. when people asked me how old i am, i reply, almost without thinking, "18!" but then i remember i'm done school, and i've lived on my own for nearly three years, and sometimes i buy things like kitchen ware and bedroom furniture. ha. it feels good though. i feel ready for the new year, ready for new and exciting things! so get ready friends, this year is going to be a good one. i can feel it.

new baby! my brother and his wife are going to have baby #1 so soon. i'm especially excited for this baby because they live a mere four blocks away from me. i hope dani knows what this means...i will be there, lots. getting my fill of baby time.

new activities! hello,  FROST WEEK. the yearly, new year weekend full of dancing, galaxy land and various social events. galaxy land is always a rad night for me. i love ride, a self proclaimed adrenaline junkie. however, i will admit this...the swing of the century makes me a little bit queasy. put me on any roller coaster, flip it upside down and over and go at a warp speed, shoot me up in a rocket-powered seat and bounce me around for a bit at the top, toss me around in a two person cart as i travels around a tiny track, i can handle all that. strap me into a swing that looks like it was made for toddlers and go around and around, and i will always get light headed. weird? yes. but its the truth.

here's a few photographs from the weekend. most of the photo cred goes to cathy, the girl i can always trust to have a camera. one photo i stole from beth, a friend of mine. enjoy!

me, cathy & paula owning the dance floor.

why yes, cathy is talented! i adore this girl.

trick riding!

trick riding!

...trick riding?

trick riding! (and a giant mouth...ha.)

bethany & i on the carousel...and willie in the background.
no idea what he's up to, 
what he's expressing, 
or just what was running through his mind at this very moment.
fabulous. ha.

willie & doug ridiculousness. always.

more willie & doug ridiculousness. what a delightful pair of friends these two are!

i'm completely devastated this photo is blurry.
whatta rad crew.
hi melissa!

aaaand, my favourite photo/event of the entire night. we got a huge group together, 
and piled everyone on the pirate ship.
then we had a yelling contest. every time your side of the ship went up, 
you had to scream as loud as you possibly could.
i could hardly yell, because i was laughing too hard, mostly because this is the view i had.
everyone having the time of the life, while derek screams in pain. too much noise, he claimed.
later during the ride, he leaned forward to the middle of the ship and cried out,
"when will this be overrrrr?"
oh, seasickness at the amusement park.

enjoy your january, your start to the new year.
live, love, laugh.



ec said...

i loved this. it made me laugh.

so excited for hairy (hopefully) baby henrie. so SO excited.

love u.

Laura.R said...

so glad you're partying like it's 1999.
i, too, love a good frost week galaxyland night. totally a little jealous over here!

mjhenrie said...

I'm reading! love the posts as always. You look fantastic in that pink dress! looks like a lot of fun.

ec said...

p.s. alivia is totally awestruck by cathy's mouth. seriously.

becky said...

lauren henrie! remember me? :)

i have a confession to make..

one time you put this picture on facebook..and i may or may not have it as my banner on blogger.

haha i hope you dont mind :) love you long time lauren!