Tuesday, January 19, 2010

sunshine and smiles. and angels.

if this upbeat, bright, fun little mash-up doesn't bring a smile to your face,
i'm not sure what will.



Kristi said...

Thanks for posting that, Lauren. I needed that today. Oh, how I wish I could be a member of the Glee Club!

Andrew Hall said...

Oh no... Lauren's love of Glee is seeping out on to her blog. Somebody DO something!

melange muse said...

I just finished watching the season of Glee. I LOVE it and am a little obsessed. I don't know how I will last until april without a new episode.

Cathy said...

Andrew I want you to know that I fully support Lauren. And love this.

Laura.R said...

I likey.

And really, you would have been in awe at my one-woman performance just now. My house was a STAGE, baby, and I was a triple threat.

Oh yeeeeeah...

p.s. The word verification on this one is "dambledi." I think that should be a real word.